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Schecter pt/special or Telecaster

Looking for advice guys. Schecter pt or schecter special/fastback, Or fender telecaster.  Any ideas!!! 

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  • ConorKavanaghConorKavanagh The CottagePosts: 1,001
    Telecaster, just based on face value. I don't own any of them (I have a couple of Jagstangs and a Les Paul).
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  • eboweddieeboweddie Posts: 815
    I'm kinda leaning towards a tele.  They are just a beautiful guitar.  Off to waltons for me soon. They have a few Schecters too.  

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  • gimmesometruth27gimmesometruth27 St. Fuckin LouisPosts: 18,654
    i have never played a schecter. back in the mid 90s i think ed used to play a black tele style that was made by schecter that he donated or gave away. it has been so long i do not remember. good luck in your search!!
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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 2,514
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    Some Schecter guitars are downright incredible. Their custom shop is world class. There used to be a local shop that carried their California made guitars and man, they are pro-level through and through. 

    Much like Fender though, they make lower priced, import models.

    Both companies make really nice guitars but they both also make some that are meh. 

    Just be sure to compare apples and apples. 
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  • eboweddieeboweddie Posts: 815
    I've seen a second hand fender ge smith telecaster.  It's a beauty.  Gonna have a look. 

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  • I have a fender custom shop telecaster, Nash T63, and a mid 80’s Schecter PT (fender shaped headstock).  I prefer the feel and sound of the Schecter PT.  It has dual HB with coil splits.  Very versatile, very comfortable, absolutely love the neck.  I might be wrong, but I think it has a Gibson scale length.  All three have held their resale value, and the Schecter has actually increased from what I paid for it. I’m not sure how much a newer Schecter or one made overseas will hold value, but if the newer ones feel like the older ones, I’d definitely try one out before getting a fender.
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 13,474
    Anyone play a Schecter Reaper guitar?  Looks and sounds pretty cool.   
  • Whichever feels better to you! I went with a G&L ASAT because G&L necks >>>>> Fender necks IMO
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