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PJ Mom from LIPJ Mom from LI Glen Cove NYPosts: 46
Need some help, we are debating getting tickets to Imola. How does the ticketing work? Right now our choices are Gold Pit or Posto unico - not sure what the difference is. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 
96 - Randall's Island, NY
00 - Wantagh, NY
03 - Uniondale,NY/MSG/Holmdel, NJ
05 - Ottawa,ON, Canada/Atlantic City, NJ
06 - Hartford, CT/E. Rutherford, NJ
08 - MSG/Hartford, CT
09 - Chicago, IL/Philly, PA
10 - Hartford,CT/Newark, NJ/MSG
11 - East Troy, WI
13 - Chicago, IL/Brooklyn, NY/Seattle, WA
14 - Stockholm/Oslo
15 - New York, NY
16 - New York/Boston
17 - Brooklyn, NY 
18 - Seattle/Boston


  • Same boat. Looks like Gold Pit isn't available when I try to purchase though. I haven't found any luck searching for any kind of seating map.
  • Gold pit is the gold circle at the front (purple)
    Posto Unico is general admission (pink)
    Posto Unico Rivazza is general admission on the hill (blue)
    Palco is the stage

  • FW46778FW46778 Posts: 227
    Way late on this, but maybe early now. Is there any seats in the venue at all?
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