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Special Love

Longing alone in cold desperation
My hope was gone
On wishing waves
In open Isolation
I still held the dream
I would think of you
Cheering me on
You are the reason
That I made it.
It means so much to me
More than anything
This Special Love
Is bursting Forth
From all that is and me
It's just the best feeling
I have ever had
To be here with you now
Before all families
To hold each other
Within our arms
Once again
This special Love
I bring

When times were bad
And I'd look up
Out and across the sky
I'd feel so small
And I'd get sad
I would miss you
And I would cry
You see

You seemed so far away
On the other side
Of a sky that has no end
I could still see you
All I had to do
Was close my eyes
And just

I can see the sky is endless
Only sometimes
Late at night
When I'm all by myself
And this whole wide world
Is fast asleep and Dreaming on
With out me

I can see the Sky is endless
It just goes on and on and on
It makes me feel
Like I amount to almost nothing
But I am
I am
Before day and night
A special one to bring
This special love
So selflessly
To you
As I am humbled
Before all eyes
To see

One who both...
Knows you and
Adoringly loves you
I am yours...You are mine
To each other we are bound
  Deeply in Love with the 
Spinning Sky
Now it's time
To be

When there's no one else around
And I've been left alone
In silence
When I can see myself
For who I am
I can understand
And then I see
II wanted to show you
You are more than you know
With our Love
Woven gold
  You have shown to me

Sadness in a sigh
Of all our reasons
We can cry
Whispering winds
On the Passing
A lonely dove
 December Sky
 Cold pain
Gentle Solace
Wishy Rains
On wings to die
Rolling dust
Life going on turning
Winners and losers
Rivers flowing
Over Oceans
Forever why
Running dry
Now all eyes can see

I can see the sky is endless
When it only makes some sense to me
My heart like the Sky's
Your heart like the Sea's and Ocean's
This Special Love
Surrounding us
We hold forever
Just to see 

Just how much I really love you
Just how much you do love me

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