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"Wish List " "What if...?"

"Suspend all your disbelief just long enough to imagine that those works in the poetry and prose were the beginning of something, that is "Nothing as it Seems" Only beautiful.."  Think of just how beautiful this could somehow be.
Because that's the song that caught my ear and broke my heart, which is where this all began, in 1998. 

"Please consider, discuss and share your thoughts everyone."


  • Summersas79Summersas79 Apple Valley, CAPosts: 71
    Well, ok. I'll take you up on that. If Wishlist broke your heart it's interesting. Or was it  Nothing As It Seems that did that? Wishlist always made me smile. Widely. Cus everything he wished for on that list, he's damn near done. It strikes me as mildly sarcastic and humorous whilst still being honest and sincere. NAIS on the other hand strikes a very different tone and consequently a vastly different response, though not negative to me. 

    As for it beginning for you in 98. You caught on late bro. But, better late than never as the saying goes. PJ's music has been an intricate part of my psyche and emotionality since their inception and release into the world back in 91/92. Can't remember the exact year.

    Aside from that, do you care to elaborate upon your statement? Might be easier to engage in conversation regarding said topic if I was better able to comprehend your meaning/intention behind/underneath or around the initial statement. Just a random thought floating by...
  • Mr.WHYMr.WHY Posts: 90
    It  wasn't me that I felt he was calling with Wish List,."  I was trying to let him know that I believed in him Eddie. That was in 2000. In 98 I was in an immense spiritual awakening. So, Yah, correction, in 98 it was even flow that caught my ear.  

    you still there
  • Summersas79Summersas79 Apple Valley, CAPosts: 71
    Aww. I see. Well. No worries Ed and the guys know we all believe in them. Lol
  • Mr.WHYMr.WHY Posts: 90
    There is big problem with communication, no one listens half as hard as they should. Mostly me. 
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