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Tears In The Rain (Before Dark) "What is my name?"

Tears in the Rain

It does no good
To fight strife with strife
Armed with an innocence
That fades away from sight 
Severed from defenses
 Pain cuts us like a knife
Fighting fire with fire
Always burn the light

Eyes turn dull and grey
Heads turns to cold stone
Roses never fade away
Thorns pierce
To Bone

It does no good 
To play the blaming game
Nobody wins
No need to name names
The wheel of fate
Everyone loses
Pain wins
Tears in the Rain 

It serves no purpose
To try to comprehend
The meaning deserts us
We do not understand

The Way the wind blows
Nobody really see's
No one really knows
Not them you
Or me
That's how it goes

It just doesn't matter
Who's right or Who's wrong
It really makes no difference
One day we'll all be gone

Within this absence of all light
Against the blindness
Eyes fight
the rode up ahead
Is still hidden well from sight

Golden dreams or dust of brown
Gleamy smile or dusk of dawn
Over present or absent bound
Silent scream or quiet sound

Blue or Grey
Black or white
Guide or prey
Dream or sight

Lost or found 
Wrong or right
Up or down
Day or Night

We would all have wings
If we were meant  to fly
We would soar with our dreams
But we are born to die

By Michael
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