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A Wave on an Ocean

I'd like to dedicate this one to my brother Scott. He was the first to see in me what I just saw in myself. Something I wouldn't until She showed me, ethereal help, and I believe

A Wave on an Ocean

Fueled by an obsession... To find and reach a fading light
Driven by a question.....Written in the sky

We all fight the darkness.. Everybody tries to see
The light of hope and solace in promise...We imagine and we dream

Looking to a stormy sky..  For all the stars hiding behind
We close our eyes and we wonder. Why? The clouds roll inside our weary minds

We let love inside our hearts... And love will surely save our souls
Love is a Wave upon an ocean that.. Keeps swelling as it rolls

Yet this pleasure comes with pain...  Life demands a certain cost
Love gives and takes all just the same.. I we win.. We have lost

Longing feeds the loneliness.. Bitterness leads to despair
Sleepless nights... Cold emptiness...I Hurt's So Much to Care

We try to fill that utter void ..With the memories that still shine
Moments we have captured and...  Hold inside our minds

We try to believe... Eye's are watching from the sky
We try to relieve...  The pain that makes us cry

We follow all the brightest stars...  Pilled along by restless hearts
We try to balance all odds.. With broken pieces ..Uneven parts

That is Why.. Sometimes a tear... Will fall from the morning sky
To touch a heart and fill a soul... Passing through warm hazel eyes

Sometimes the wind will oddly blow... In more ways than only one
And then the Wave of Love will flow..  With light of shining Sun

Sometimes the wind will whisper..  And the truth is softly told,
Of a wave out on that deep blue ocean.. And the Way... That it holds

Like thunder in the sky... On a cold and rainy day
Like a ripple in time or... A breeze passing through resting haze

Sometimes there is an Eagle.. Screaming proudly as he soars
Shouting out, "Dreams are Windows"... "And hearts can open doors"

Time is only the measure..  Of  One  Never  Ending  Dream..
An echo of forever... Flowing in a stream

So we all sail the Ocean...Over the deep... Across the Blue
On a wave of pure emotion... With devotion strong and true

All our passions are our essence... The stuff our Dreams are all made of
We reside within this presence.. The Endless Wave of love

In loving memory of Scott Lindner
"You were right brother!, Holy shit!, You were right!"

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