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Afraid of the Dark

Afraid of the Dark


The morning comes

Like hurt from loss

I lost so much

Yet, still a cost


I’ve made mistakes

That’s what they’re for

I weighed no stakes

Before the door


Now I’m alone

Don’t know for sure

Am I curse?

Am I cure?


I’ve cursed the day

I was first born

I cursed the sky

The Angels


Has Heaven been torn?


My father was

A real Superman

I try to see him

But I can’t


I was to walk

In his footsteps

Where those would be

I could not guess


All in all

This can’t be good

I know this is bad

A brand new kid

Old neighborhood

No mom and no dad


From the best to the worst

From then till now

Maybe I am

Falling and

Going straight on Down


Then it hit’s me

Right between the eyes

All at once

I’m hypnotized


I look up

To see the crow

The horror sinks

Into my soul


I’m all alone

I miss my mom

For her I must

Trust my own song


I feel her love

Inside of me

I wish I was

Still just a seed


I have no name

Can I endure?

With all this pain inside of me

I’m not too sure


To think of how

She did not die

Till she was sure

I saw the sky

This is not how it should be

Yet still are great powers

Inherent to me

I see the Sky 

A deeper blue

I've got to try

"I'm coming for you!"


Okay then

You want a fight?

Okay you bet

Bring all you've got

Be here tonight

This is the ultimate dilemma

A vicious Circle

Spinning round

I must be lost because

I surely am not found


I was told by the elders

Bout the lion in the Sun

About the ways of the serpent

And how

We are all to be one


There is the shape of a snake

In every thing that I see

I can’t seem to shake

This evil spell

From the heart of me


My hope is all but gone

I paint all those riddles black

I call out to God

But he’s not calling back


I feel the evil writhing

I am ashamed for being scared

"What the hell was I thinking

":This the Devil I Dared"


I have just entered

The seventh ring of hell

Seems like I was sent here

But I knew when I fell


Sometimes strangers smile

Just as if they do all know

The say “You best go on now, better take care.”

A wolf howls

The wind blows


The lightning strikes

The Circle turns

My life’s become a nightmare

On the very first day

I will burn

If I don’t get out of here



I fear for my life

So scared

For my pure Heart

There will be blood


Tonight after dark

















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