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Speaking out against able-ism during the Pandemic, and always for that matter

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I wanted to share a post from my good friend. I am sharing to bring some awareness to something I do not see talked about much, and see if there's any suggestions from this wonderful community on how to bring more attention to it. If she wasn't my friend, I wouldn't really have any idea. Her and her family have been stuck indoors (not even walks, nothing) since March 9 due to covid-19. She has cancer and is very high risk.  Here is her post, and please feel free to share on social media or with any friends/family, thank you <3:

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"If you're afraid just stay home."

"If you're in a high risk group it's your own fault."
"You should have prioritized your health."
"I believe in herd immunity, the sooner the better."
"The elderly and at risk should just stay home."
"You can't tell me what to do its MY right not to wear a mask."
"Why should I stay home for a stranger?"
"Survival of the fittest."
We live on one planet. Where is the sense of community? Of caring for others?
This poster is being shared among cancer patients to print and hang outside their home to remind others that individual actions impact others.
I know I am mostly preaching to the choir at this point. Many of the people still reading, liking, commenting on my posts understand our global responsibility to the most frail.
But the simple notion that shut-in, lonely cancer patients are encouraging each other to hang these signs just breaks my heart.
Our world is broken.
I'm so sad at this reality.
And we can't forget that not only are the cancer patients forced to stay home, but so are their caregivers. Including young children like mine, who haven't seen the outside world in 131 days.
Some caregivers are watching their loved one's health decline as it goes with cancer. Usually, at this difficult time in a cancer patient's life there is an influx of love and support. Trips, visitors, memories, smiles...the celebration of a life.
Now, the cancer patient and caregivers go it alone. Families are suffering without support. Patients are alone at treatments and hospital rooms. There is quiet where there shouldn't be. Loneliness in place of love.
This is one social injustice that you won't see protests about because it's too risky for us.
Want to help? Share this message. Speak out against able-ism. I don't want your pity, I want your help
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