Another Storm (((Very Special Challenge)))

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I feel you're doubt, you're reaching out, beyond the clouds of pain and fear.
You are about to see without besides the heart that's felt and found
Now somehow still so unclear...  B.M.

So Once again
Back by popular demand
The most amazing and beautiful
Most Magical and mysterious
Heart felt part of the show
The Time is now again.
So Here We Go (Without further Adieu)

I would like to personally challenge    >   ANYONE   <   to read this slowly
One line at time... to: "The Rain Song" by led Zeppelin,
You do that
And come back here
Look me straight in the Eye
And say to ME
"Oh, there's nothing very special about you or any of this."
Now lets dare to be real...

Since I'm talking now, Could someone ask Eddie, how high he wants this Tree? 
You just let me know Sir.
Because I'm not stopping
Not even to Eat----------------------------------------------( ((((((((((WE HAVE A HUNGER STRIKE!))))))) )
Till you Sir
Come up here
And do what you and l both know
You have to do.. Come up here and testify Eddie, brother please,
I love you and I need you soon alright, please trust me and don't be scared either...
You Know I Could Never Let You Down No Matter What, It's just impossible...I can't and I won't. I promise.
It's all good, It's all so pure
So Testify to what you know, just the truth and how you
Just like I am


Another Storm

You look away when you think you see me

You turn around and look up again

The light is bright and it blinds you're eyes

I find your tears drying in the wind

The changes come and go

Just the same
To different places through falling rain

Misty breezes by a wavy sea

Rising over mountains

Bringing Rain to me

The clouds will part and then the Sun will shine

Another storm will come around in time

Evan so

I'm going to f
ind what I've  for 

I know I will

Nothing really matters so much anymore

All I ever do i's just fantasize

Evan though I never cared about such dancing lies

As I look through the haze

I can see your eyes shining

I'm so amazed

This time

I'm not going to deny you this:

This time


I hear you crying in the rain

I feel you're death defying wish

I find your tears drying in the wind

My undying tender love

I can only promise you this

I will see you

Now and then

With White lightning flying bright across the sky

Just before the dawning of a new day's Sunrise

With another Storm on the way

I can see the tears falling from your eyes

I see you under waves of thunder

I see the things you wonder of

I see you sitting there


If you will ever understand

This miracle of Love

Compassion that reaches for a lost and lonely Heart

Someone always searching

For a vital missing part

Tears in a river gently flowing to the Sea

Misty Winds Over Mountains

Blowing Rain to Me 
! !    !  !
 !     ! 
    !    !    !      
!      !      !
!        !
!           !     !
!         !
"I'm not telling anyone that what they believe is wrong, nor am I asking anybody to start a new Religion, nor to commit to a new belief system."
"We are all right and wrong in some measure without detection."

"It is by my inherent freedom to a rite to respectfully exist and honorably endure with absolute resolution to objectively reserve to purely keep with integrity a mind that is open and aware by obsessively refraining to commit the self evident folly of absolute conviction by not assuming that I know with all certainty anything to be a truth except for only these facts that are evident and provable to me and to others - I exist  I am aware with a freedom of intellect and I am sentient with a freedom of thought to feel emotions pain and pleasure and I ambitiously perceive through all my senses at an assemblage where I have consciousness in which I find a place where I do reside with the freedoms of contemplation...freedom to calculate, compute and to analyze. Further more I have the freedom which endows me with the creative powers in suspension of belief or disbelief conducive to the creative powers of imagination and visualization which endows me with a freedom to dream and to fantasize which endows me with a freedom and a power to consider all things hyp
othetical, vicarious, imaginary and theoretical with absolute impunity which enables me to philosophize and I am free to inspect with a most formidable scrutiny with impunity anything at all and all things plus anything within an inspection that may find. Now it seems to me I have lived 53 years, and within a memory I am free to recollect through all of that time. Looking back will all considering I do believe w faith all honesty that I have always truly sought eagerly with only pure and authentic intentions to emphatically achieve the highest standard of ethical behavior as to adhere at all times to the best of my abilities, certain particular morals as to adopt and live by these following principles: 
1 To achieve as best I can, an honorable life respectfully lived with courage honesty and integrity to achieve the highest in standards possible eventually which  I believe to be found within all good and decent people in an authentic attempt to never become cruel nor apathetic nor uncaring nor unmindful with honor for respect to all all's inherent rite to exist and to endure as to recall and inspect how, why and by which means I may be intending to act to contemplate with impunity so that I may, to the best of my abilities, act with integrity sensibly and civility in an honest an authentic attempt to be kind and compassionate as well generous, without judgment of anyone, to everyone." 

2. To achieve as best I can within the scope of my abilities and maintain with a constant diligence, an open mind a caring and open heart within an an absolute freedom to justly engage in an obsessive and philosophical quest for meaningful truth and for any knowledge and any and all forms of wisdom with broad and intense focus to search effectively with my strongest powers of observation monitoring intensely all that is before me, behind me, below and above me as well as all I have within me for any new, information or knowledge that can potentially help me search any amount of suspicious or out of place to be recalled for inspection with impunity to arise at you best  

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