What kit did Matt Cameron during the 2000 tour?

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That sweet 2000 tour sound is way better I think since he changed back to Yamaha since 2003? I think he used Yamaha and DW in SG when his drums sounded quallity amazing compared to nowadays. I think it's perhaps mostly down to a maple snare?

https://youtu.be/a-pEiLqL2cI - For example of his sound.
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    dudemandudeman Posts: 2,990
    Not sure about his 2000 kit. I know that he played Slingerland and Ayotte Drums in Soundgarden for a bit. 
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    mschostokmschostok Chicago, IL Posts: 858
    I'm not a drummer so I can't opine on anything like that, but I've always thought his drums sounded so much better on the Yield and Binaural tours than they do now. Not sure what he had then and whether or not he changed anything, just my lay person opinion.
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