The Flow

Okay I see
No 1 like me
but I'm a bit confused
Every day between
Here I tried to be
Now I am

Don't you know
That I am
Showing you 
A show

Of once upon
And in a time
And Now
Right here in my mind

There is a place
With no disgrace
The loneliness and hate

From all our hearts and by the sky
So no one can deny

Cause in our hearts and in the sky
Is where an Eagle flies

It helps us know 
Show us a show
Watches the riddle in the rhyme

So here we go
Don't say no
When we could clearly here wind blow

The whispering wind
Just pretend
We could listen, learn and know

I will wait for you 
The great
Big loser
Maybe make for you
A figure eight
Or two
That's what's makes it cool
I can skate
Until you get here

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