Help Me Out

I just cannot explain it
I am loosing my mind
This world is driving me crazy
I was used to being blind

I am lost
I am not found
I think I'm going to cry
I better go away
I better run away 
I've got to find a place to hide

I can feel my mind slipping
Slow and surely away
I need to get grip
Yah and quickly
Don't go
Please stay with me
Help me feel my WAY

Come on
Take my hand
Please help me out
Don't let me fall into the sea
Don't let me be
I'll drown

I can't swim through my own tears
I can't ride the tide on in
Stay with me
Till the storm clears
I can't see
I can't swim

I hear silent thunder
As I see blinding light
Up is down now
Flip it over
Yah that's perfect
Lets make the dream ignite 

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