A Better Way To Live

Amongst the confusion
I see a sign
In fact I see two
And  together they rhyme
As I sit here before you
Know that before I have sinned
Then I repented
And I went and sinned again

When I was lost fear and sorrow brought pain
When I was lost
I was lost in the rain

I couldn't tell my own tears
From the ones in the sky
I couldn't tell much
And I wondered why

So many times In pondered
Watching puddles get riddled
So may times I wandered
So many times
I'd got stuck in the middle

I saw myself fit
To understand and forgive
And in return I found myself
A better way to live

I found forgiveness
And a gift just as well
I found a way
To just forgive myself

Living in chaos
I found my peace
Now I form simple structure
I find and release

To see it all change
To my every whim
To see everyone and everything
Finally win

I walk many long roads
Climb tall mountains and touch the Sky
I whistle songs as I go
Drink from the purest fountains
I hold my dream
Without doubting
And I will
Watch it fly....

By Austin's Farger

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