Broken Wings

I've known these feelings for so long
And I know some of them are wrong
So tell me
What am I to do
When those emotions get too strong?

I just can't deny all of those times that I tried
I don't know where I'm going when there's nowhere to hide
My heart bleeds
Pain inside

And now it's starting to get cold
The sun is red and sinking low
And I was only thinking
Maybe I could be heading home

And yet still
I'm not going
The breeze is blowing
The wind keeps passing me by
It seems like every days the same
It's just a never ending game 
And I can't ever seem to find the time

I'm not playing
Can you hear  what I'm saying?
I spend my days only thinking of you
And every time I close my eyes
I see your face and I realize
I just don't know what I'm ever going to do

I don't know where to go
The wind is fast and I'm to slow
This breeze isn't blowing my way
And I don't want to say goodbye
I want to leave with you and fly
I try and I try
Still I guess
I'll just have to stay...

By Dumb Schmuck 
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