Ask me ANYTHING AT ALL. If you doubt me, challenge me...Please.

I've made some very bold and wild statements. It is important to me that they are understood to be fact. Because they are. I've been trying to get this started all my life. I feel like I just lit the most important fire of all time, I feel like a couple people walked up and looked at it, and were like, "Yah right. What a weirdo!" and they are turning away from the most important thing they will ever see. I feel like I'm not doing my job very well. The story is true, I am 100% certain that Eddie will back me up. I am a special friend of his. He is a very special friend of mine. What is to find here is nothing less than what I said it is. Heaven on Earth. I cannot express enough how much our planet needs this right here to stop what is happening to her. I know this is true. Just suspend your disbelief well enough to consider what it could mean for you and everyone and everything you love. 52 years I have put my whole life into this and I have over come so many things. I have learned so much. I was an agnostic for crying out loud. I was the most pragmatic and scientific kind. So why do I say I have met my maker?

This is the only thing that really matters. COME ON EVERBODY!!!  What's a matter...are you chicken? It is God that has put what is inside of me. I do not lie. 


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    I believe you Mike. I know it's true and that it is the most beautiful story true or not.
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