The Lighting of the Flame "Only One Time"

Here we go, I've been trying to get to this for 20 years.  Feels right.  

Only One Time 

   A complex puzzle of elemental threads
A grand and basic mosaic
Any wise man will say if you're dreaming
You're only seeing something made out of thoughts in your head
Altogether it's one thing crafted out of many things
Any wise man will say it's not always what it seems,
He will say sometimes it is simply something else instead

Between you and I
If you take away the air
There is still space between us
Have you ever wondered why?
There is nothing there....

Life is a circle
The day's end begins night
A bright moon and stars shine
Until they fade away to the dawning of the new day's first light

You stand casting shadow in the warm morning sunshine
Gazing at a painted sky
Standing in the wind,
Again the day turns to night
Over and over
Again and again
Life is a circle and I am your friend

Between you and I, if you take away the air
There is nothing between us
We are close to each other because each of us cares

In a sense we are together forever
Cleverly tied together by time
With all the Love that we share
Together we are elemental threads painted like the sky
A grand and basic mosaic
Can you really say
That you you never even wondered why?

There is nothing between us
We are together forever
If only you could see this
We could make everything better

If you could only see what I mean
If for only one time
You would just let go and dream
We would never say goodbye
We would never wonder why
And love wouldn't hurt like it shouldn't any more
We would never have to cry
A grand and basic mosaic
Exposed for your eyes
We are elemental threads of a complex puzzle
Cleverly together we are tied
Forever in this crazy circle 
Circling in this never ending mystery
We call life

By Michael Lindner

In loving memory of Justin Lacewell
He was my biggest fan and always believed

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