Concert Photo Prints for Charity

smitalsmital Posts: 179
Like many other photographers, I began to sell concert photography prints back in June to get some extra income but mostly to share some revenue with various charities. For the month of July (and a bit more), I'm donating proceeds from print sales to three charities,  Folk Arts Rajasthan, the Newport Festivals Foundation and the Vitalogy Foundation.

I expect to update the store with a few more offerings over the weekend but I wanted to post this today.

I hope you take a look and welcome any constructive criticism. Some of the artists included are Mike McCready, Eddie and Chris Martin at Global Citizen, Glen Hansard, Brandi Carlile and Tom Morello. Thanks!


  • smitalsmital Posts: 179
    I've added a few new pics from Newport Folk Fest to the shop and have tweaked the pricing a bit as I am not offering signed prints at this time though I would be happy to revisit that if interest. Please take a look.
    Below is a custom framed print for a June order as an example (was signed but I cropped that part off).

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