Steven Hyden talks Wrigley 2013

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You may have listened to his Vitalogyology series from the Celebration Rock podcast or read his book Your Favorite Band is Killing Me that has an excerpt about Pearl Jam and Nirvana. We brought esteemed music journalist Steven Hyden onto our show this week to discuss his experience at the Wrigley show in 2013 and how it reignited his passion for the band. He’ll also go into details as to why he thinks they are the greatest American live act and we’ll talk a little Gigaton as well. Its the first of many Wrigley-centric episodes this month:


  • jjflashjjflash Posts: 4,146
    Nice! Love (and miss) Hyden's Celebration Rock podcast and always enjoy his insights via Uproxx. Will def give it a listen :sunglasses:
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