Need help with mint German numbered box set with los of great items!

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edited June 29 in Lost Dogs   Have not clue what prices are in besides discogs.
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    I‘m happy to help, I just don’t get your question. Do you want to know what’s included in the 199 € boxset? There’s a list under „Anmerkungen“ when you click on it. The 199 € set is being shipped from the Netherlands, shipping is on top
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    thank you! I actually have this box to sell, 

    I was wondering a reasonable price to ask for shipping within the United States.  This box is mint with all contents.
    Thank you.

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    OK, after researching  discogs, the closest price I could get for mint is $223 and that is in the Netherlands.  One has never sold on discogs.

    i am willing to let this go for $235, which includes UPS ground shipping with full
    insursnce, double boxed, and signature confirmation.

    you are more than welcome to pay by goods and services, so
    long as the total coming to me is $/35.  The UPS shipping alone will be close to $45-$50.

    the set is beautiful and mint, plus you do t ha e to deal with someone overseas and the x
    crazy shipping for a box this size.

    The first PJ fan to send me a message will get the item, just as I did with the Orpheum variant.

    Thanks for looking!!! Peace and Pearl Jam!!
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