Strangest Thing You’ve Seen/Heard at a Show?

Every once in a while I think back to the London Ontario show right before Wrigley. Losing track of the years now, but I think it was 2013. As many will remember, Wrigley was an absolute atrocity to get tickets to, fewer of you will remember that London was even worse, being that it was a 7k seat arena and, with Wrigley, one of two North American shows all year. With plans to attend both shows, but no tickets, I jumped at the chance to grab some behind the stage, upper level tickets that 10c made available shortly before the show. My buddy Dave and I made the 8-9 hour drive from Connecticut and wound up in the second to last row of the building. It was a great show, but in the back row resided a rather intoxicated fellow. The object of his fascination this night was the health of Pearl Jam’s lead singer, none other than Eddie Vedder. After a relatively sane and standard first seven songs, the fellow leaned over to put his head in between me and Dave and proceeds to say, “I really hope Eddie doesn’t die. How bad would it f’ing suck if Eddie died?” A rather odd comment, but true nonetheless, Dave and I respond something to the effect of, “well, thank god he’s here right now, and that would certainly suck.” Well from song 8 through the rest of the night, this odd fellow intermittently sang along with the song while crying tears of joy, inquiring with myself and Dave the horrible feeling which would be associated with the theoretical death of the lead singer and lastly, screaming at the top of his lungs, often times im a fit of tears, “PLEASE DONT DIE, PLEAASSSSEEE EDDIE, DONT F’ING DIE”. 

I was assured by his three friends that he didn’t have any history of psychotic breaks, so the whole episode was rather funny... and odd. To this day, Dave and I will end our conversations by saying “love you brother, and don’t you f’ing die”.

You guys have any good strange show stories?


  • eboweddieeboweddie Posts: 739
    I went to a festival in Ireland in 2002. Did the 2 days camping.  Before we left I asked a few lads how the weekend was. What bands did you see etc. The 2 lads turned to me. 'Bands?'. We havent left this tent in days. We had a good laugh!!! 

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    I was at a Who show in 82 I believe?  May have been 81.  Anyhoo, I was on the floor and a young high school kid.  I wondered why everyone was gathering around this area in the middle of the floor.  As I picked my way through I saw a lady giving a blow to a dude right in the middle of the Who set.  
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  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 1,358
    Been to many different concerts...some strange things I saw.
    GWAR---doing horrible things to nice puppets
    Johnny Skillsaw playing a skillsaw
    Dio slaying a dragon
    Alice Cooper jumping into a movie scene from the stage
    RHCP wearing giant lightbulbs on their heads
    Pregnant punk rocker with an eyeball tattooed on her giant stomach

    Really surprisingly nothing too strange...
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