20 years ago today...

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Hi PJ fellows,
Just wanted to share with you the 20th anniversary of my 1st PJ show ever in Paris. 20 damn years ago today, that went way too fast!
Looking forward for another 20 years of shows ;)
Thank you for still being there old brothers! Looking forward to meeting you again in Europe next year!
Keep safe!
With love,


2000 - Paris, FR
2006 - Paris, FR
2007 - Werchter, BE
2009 - Berlin, DE
2010 - Arras, FR
2012 - Manchester 1, GB
2012 - Oslo, NO
2014 - Amsterdam 1, NL
2014 - Oslo, NO
2018 - Home Shows 1 & 2

2017 - Taormina 1 & 2, IT


  • eboweddieeboweddie Posts: 739
    They played alive early in that set. And pilate. Have the bootleg 

    i wish i wish i wish i wish, i guess it never stops
  • fl247556fl247556 Posts: 61

    Today, 23 june is the 20th anniversary of my 1st PJ show ever in Zurich !

    The start of a great story (still in progress!) Of 14 concerts by PJ and 3 by Eddie. To tell the truth, I am still in a state of waiting for the next concert ... 20 is half of my life. That day will forever be etched in my mind.
    First song: Of the girl.

    freddie vedder
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