Parkland Rising Streaming Event

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Parkland Rising Streaming Event

The role of gun violence in society has held a special place in the band’s music since Pearl Jam’s very first album. Today, we are honored to bring support to the documentary Parkland Rising. Head over to Pearl Jam's YouTube channel or Facebook page on Tuesday, June 2nd at 8 pm EST to catch the national live streaming premiere of the film Parkland Rising, which features the song "Porch."

About Parkland Rising:

Directed by two-time EMMY award-winning filmmaker Cheryl Horner McDonough, Parkland Rising is an inspiring look at the students of Parkland who have started an international movement to call attention to the need for better gun safety laws. Parkland Rising documents the teen-led gun reform movement as it unfolds with a wealth of raw and illuminating content. We witness their grassroots efforts to get the gun lobby out of politics by turning out record numbers of youth voters while facing gun-carrying counter-protesters, an onslaught of online vitriol, and even death threats.  Through intimate verité storytelling, Parkland Rising reveals the ways that ordinary citizens rose together in an extraordinary effort to end mass shootings in the country.

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