Another new album...?

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I’ll start by saying I fucking love Gigaton.  It’s brilliant.  Since the boys won’t be on the road for a quite a while, I wonder if they’ll try to record more.  They’re presumably all up in the pacific Northwest and can’t do much with other side projects either.  I know it defies normal album cycle/tour, but these are unprecedented times. I’m sure they have a handful of songs that didn’t make the album which are great. 


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    lets hope so and why not
    danny d
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    Josh Evans did an interview the other day and said that they had a lot of songs during the Gigaton sessions that are incomplete/not fully finished. There have been rumors that there may be a Gigaton 2, similar to what System of a Down did in 2005 with their two albums - would love to see that, that'd be awesome. There was some talk that Gigaton was going to be a double album so I'm sure they have a handful of songs they'd love to get down. Time will tell. 
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