Best live version of Present Tense?

ontheroadontheroad Posts: 214
Letterman 2006?
Moline 2014?
Fenway 2018? 

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  • pleathermanpleatherman Posts: 396
    Yes, I would like to draw your attention to the 4-25-03 version in Cleveland for no other reason then it is perfect in every way.  And if you stick around for the next song, you may find yourself listening to an amazing Jeremy.
    Matt and Ed also perform a jaw-dropping rendition of I Am a Patriot for an encore.
  • dannydanny Posts: 2,103
    london astoria 
    danny d
  • ZodZod Posts: 6,941
    In my completely biased opinion it's my first one.

    Seattle, WA - July 22, 1998 - Memorial Stadium

    I originally thought the song was decent on No Code, but that show brought it to me at a whole other level :)
  • maverickmaverick Posts: 1,056
    Big fan of DC 2006 version.  Great little outro solo by Mike and it’s a family friendly version with the lyric “all encompassing trip” haha
  • igotid88igotid88 Posts: 18,791

    I miss igotid88
  • Niko80Niko80 Posts: 1,479
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    Three versions I particularly like: 
    Milan 2000
    Camden 1.9.2000
    And of course: The one posted above me from 1996. 

    I prefer the versions when the majority of the song is striped down to just Eddie and Mike. For a long time now, Matt has been drumming through the whole song. I find this to get in the way, and the song is better when the drums come in during the second verse. 
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  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 19,559
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  • Get_RightGet_Right Posts: 10,628
    Borgata 2005 opener
  • CantKeepmedownCantKeepmedown Portland, MainePosts: 2,536
    I've always been partial to the 7/2/03 Mansfield version.  Particularly, the "I need to know, Are we getting something out of this, whole big, fucking trip?" line.  Great, emotional version.  
  • JojoRiceJojoRice Kennesaw, GAPosts: 1,821
    Greenville 2016 is my favorite 
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  • pawlowski1097pawlowski1097 Philadelphia, PAPosts: 479
    Msg 2010 
  • BettrMan21BettrMan21 Chattanooga,TnPosts: 229
    Greenville 16 or Columbia 14 are my favorites

  • GibsonGibson TorontoPosts: 1,844
    Get_Right said:
    Borgata 2005 opener
    I'm in the same vein as you. London, ON '2013 as an opener.

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  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 23,265
    7/13/98 los angeles
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  • rummyrummy Ontario, CanadaPosts: 4,116
    Manchester 2012 is a nice one that has yet to be mentioned.
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