Want to do an interview about what it's like to see Pearl Jam live?

Hey folks! I'm working on a project talking to people about the their experiences seeing Pearl Jam live. The focus is on the culture around the band, special moments you've seen live, rare songs, where you have travelled to see them, etc. The end result will be a series of episodes aired on an online radio station called Nowhere (nowherefm.net) and then they'll most likely be uploaded to YouTube. I would love to chat with you, if you're up for it! I'm doing the interviews over Zoom and my schedule is pretty open for whatever works best for you. Let me know if you're into it! 


  • otterotter Posts: 689
    I’ll do it
    I found my place......and it's alright
  • MattCharltonMattCharlton Posts: 3
    Great! How is the weekend for you? Have any free time? 
  • nasotangnasotang Posts: 3
    I'm down
  • 1ThoughtKnown1ThoughtKnown Calgary ABPosts: 2,195
    I’m in
    “We’re keepin it loose, maybe not Grateful Dead loose... but like Rolling Stones loose”
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