Toronto 11 Moose Poster AP, SE, Variant - Will Pay Above Market Value

Good Evening PJ Community!  Hope you are rocking with the new album!
I am looking for a Toronto 2011 Moose Poster.  I would prefer the AP or Variant, but the SE would be cool too.  If you have one that you are willing to sell, I would be a serious buyer.  It would be going to a great home and fan.  Any correspondence would be fantastic.  I really appreciate it.  Cheers, Jason
I apologize if this shows twice - I think I meant for it to go into the Lost Dogs


  • GibsonGibson Posts: 2,394
    May have one for you. One sec. 
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  • johnnysavjohnnysav Posts: 17
    Attaching the framed version I have if you are interested
  • jefftjefft Posts: 598
    Nice frame, if he not interested I might be.  PM me
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