Gigaton is an absolute Masterpiece

I have been listening to Pearl Jam since 1992. I love how this band changes and evolves with each new album. Their newest album Gigaton is an absolute master piece powered by the bands ability to come up with unique riffs and Eddie Vedder's powerful voice and lyrics. The album starts off with a hard rock track called "Who Ever Said" and continues to switch from hard rock to ballads. My personal favorites are 7 O' Clock and Comes then Goes. 7 O' Clock has clear anti trump lyrics while Comes and goes talks about changes in life as time goes by my favorite verse is "Where you been, can I find

A glimpse of my friend
Don't know where or when one of us left
The other behind
Divisions came and troubles multiplied
Incisions made by scalpel blades of time"

Give it a listen you will not regret it. 

Eric Pressman near Miami Dade


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