My first turntable

Hey guys,
im looking to finally purchase a turntable to listen to my PJ vinyl collection on. I have no idea where to start looking or what to look for. I’m assuming it would cost about $100-150. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ! 
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    Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 7,014
    Theres a lot of factors to consider here. 

    $100 to $150 won't get you anything decent. By decent, I mean a table that won't have a cartridge and needle that won't wreck your records (pretty much anything by Crosley will be garbage - like 95% of tables sold in big box retailers will be garbage). But everyone has a different budget. On top of that, if you get a good entry level audiophile table, you're gonna need to have the receiver, maybe an amp and of course speakers. 

    So I guess we kinda need budget info and what you're hoping to work with (if you have a receiver and speakers, does it have an phono input? If not, you may need a pre-amp for the table - though some tables have a pre-amp built in).
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    Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 7,014
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    So this is commonly recommended as a versatile entry level table. Its got a pre-amp built in. Its well made and has a good cartridge and needle. $250 can be pricey, but you'll be getting your moneys worth. Because its USB, it also offers the flexibility for budget in case you don't have a receiver or speakers. This can hook up to your computer, and while not ideal, you can enjoy your records and not ruin them and leave room to upgrade gear when budget allows. 

    The U turn is another reccommeded entry level table. https://uturnaudio.com/collections/all?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjoH0BRD6ARIsAEWO9DsPgiRpmWSINHaLBbLJCwcXbc5sI9wJn4602GL12cRMofkZEg7FoCgaAgAbEALw_wcB

    While, on its face, cheaper it offers little flexibility in regards to not needing other audio equipment. You will need a pre-amp if your receiver doesn't have one built in. The one they offer is another $90 bringing the price closer to that AT above. If you have no other equipment (speakers/receiver) you will need to buy those too. Suddenly, you're paying a few hundred more for a set up.

    I've only heard the AT. It was my primary table for 6-7 years. Its great. I've heard nothing but great things about the U turn. To me it seems similar to the Pro-ject Debut III, the table I got in addition to my AT. the III is equally as great. SO I don't think you can wrong with either of these.

    Both tables can get new and better cartridges (cheapo tables like Crosley are not upgradable) if you want to put some money into them for a slightly better sound. Perfect for starters and totally fine if thats all you ever want to do with a table.

     Good luck. Most importantly, have fun. 
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    tempo_n_groovetempo_n_groove Posts: 39,157
    I went piece at a time.  Took me a year to do.

    Bought used Martin Logan 15's for $400.

    Then I bought a Project Carbon-Debut w upgraded acrylic platter $600.

    Next was the amp.  I purchased a vintage Pioneer 8500II for $300.  The goal for this amp was to upgrade to the HPM-100, 200w speakers which I did eventually get.

    Take your time and buy it piece at a time if you can wait.

    When it's all done though it is worth it!
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