River Cross

GvntoflyGvntofly Posts: 68
Wow!  What a beautiful fucking song.  So appropriate for these current times.  

Live it out
Let it out
Get it out
Shout it out
Won't hold us down
Won't hold us down
1995: Salt Lake City 1 & 2
1998: Missoula
2000: Boise
2002: Seattle 1 & 2
2003: Phoenix
2004: Mountain View, CA (Bridge School)
2005: The Gorge
2006: Las Vegas, The Gorge
2009: Seattle
2013: Portland, Spokane, Seattle
2014: Memphis


  • stratmadstratmad Posts: 202
    Sorry for the double post as I said this in another thread a minute ago. 

    It’s been a long time since a sing loved me to tears of sadness, anger and hope. 
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