Hot Valley Writers - the Social Distancing Issue

We're open for submissions and we're going to try to put out a new issue every couple of weeks.  So - write about anything.  Coronavirus, the new PJ album, what it's like being stuck at home, anything you'd like.  Fiction, nonfiction, poetry. 

Any questions, DM me.  Thanks!


  • EnkiduEnkidu So CalPosts: 2,970
    The first edition of the rolling version of "Hot Valley Writers" is live on-line now. Submissions remain open, we'll add to the issue as we go along. Got something to say? Paste it in an email (no attached files, please) to [email protected]

    Check us out.  Write something.  We love new writers.


  • EnkiduEnkidu So CalPosts: 2,970
    A new issue of Hot Valley Writers appeared last week - that you to all our PJ contributors.  

    And keep the writing coming!  We'll be doing new issues for as long as we're in quarantine.  Fiction, nonfiction, poetry.  You can write about the virus or life during a pandemic or anything else you'd like.

    Thanks again!  

  • brianluxbrianlux Moving through All Kinds of Terrain.Posts: 31,132
    Nicely done, Enkidu!  I hope we see more writer's submissions in the future from others here.
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  • EnkiduEnkidu So CalPosts: 2,970
    So let's have some more submissions!  We're looking for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  

    Thanks to all our PJ contributors!

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