Ms. Information (new lyrics)

“Ms. Information”

Miss information

Won the pageant once again…

Such a lovely travesty…


It’s like watching a train wreck

For infinity…

You just can’t look away

Cause your addicted

To the scent of anxiety…


Miss information

She walks with those in need…

Of a fix for agency…


They pull the wool

Over the head of society…

And wave the magic wand of gold

To buy back faith in economy…


Miss information

You know you’re killing me?

Such a lovely travesty…


You can’t mask the fear

With surgery…

You can’t cure the pain

By injecting money…

Into the veins of liberty…

Virginia Bach 2000
DC 2003
DC 2004 (VFC)
DC 2006
Pittsburgh 2006
Bonnaroo 2008
Virginia Beach 2008
DC 2008
Philly (Spectrum) 10/31/2009
DC 2010 (Jiffy Lube Live)
PJ 20 night 1
PJ 20 night 2
Phoenix 2013
LA 1 2013
Memphis 2014
Jacksonville 2016
Greenville 2016
Hampton 2016
Columbia 2016
Fenway 1 2016
Fenway 2 2016
Wrigley 1 2018
Wrigley 2 2018
Fenway 1 2018
Fenway 2 2018
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