ISO single ticket TOR & OTT trade

Anything that's not in the 300s would be nice.
I am also looking to Trade 2 GA OTT for good 10c seats.


  • I have two TO seats that I'd swap for 2 OTT GA if you're interested?
  • What section and row?
  • TO Sec 120 row 18
  • Hmmm....very interesting. Would love to go to the tour opener....
    How would we swap? I dont have that figures out as the fan sale is super risky.
  • We are both going to both shows right?  so we just walk in together but go to the other persons seats.  I have a friend who has an extra ticket I can use for TO so the four of use just walk in together, do the same for Ottawa if you're going to that as well?
  • Will meet up before for a couple beers on me when you get to TO (Y) 
  • Well that's assuming i pickup other OTT seats(which i would)
    Are you.sure you would be able to access GA...or i would i just give you my phone to walk in with so you get the bands or whatever they are? 
    Sorry...not trying to be dumb lol.

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