Los Angeles Come Celebrate Pearl Jam W/ Local Musicians!

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Hello all! If you have nothing going on the last Sunday of March, (The 29th) please consider coming to support local artists in a celebration of Pearl Jam.
 I will be playing (as Scott of the Andes) along with many other locals spanning the songs of PJs entire career.
This community have always be so welcoming to me & anyone who has met me knows my love for this band is true.
Hope to see you there or if you feel so inclined follow my on
scottoftheandes as I will be posting PJ covers all month on there. 

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    Good luck!
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    Was this postponed? 
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    Did this event actually end up happening? March 5th seemed like eons ago, when it was first posted here. Hope you're staying safe over there.
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    Hey Y'all thanks for checking in. Yes this has been postponed till May I believe. To be frank, I think May is being optimistic. But any updates as we get them I will post. Thanks for your interest. Gigaton is a hell of an album to drop at this time. There's some amazing songs on there that of course take on different meaning since all of this has happened. Everyone stay vigilant and diligent out there.
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    New date is May 29th. https://www.hotelcafe.com/tickets/?s=events_view&id=10315
    Ill have updates on my ig account. https://www.instagram.com/scottoftheandes/ Ive also been doing live streams everyday at 5 (pt).  
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