Our Cover-Prediction of SUPERBLOOD WOLFMOON

Hi Jammers! We're Black Market Aftermath, an alt.rock band formed in 2015. 
Right after Pearl Jam released the 15 seconds preview to their song "Superblood Wolfmoon", we thought to write on a rush our own cover-"prediction" of Superblood, to imagine how the complete song was going to be. We wrote it in 15 hours to be able to post it before the original was posted, so here's what we came up with: 

We hope you dig it, it would be AWESOME to have comments from a community of Pearl Jam fans, since we all love the same music and know what good music is!

PS: We posted this link in another section of this forum, but we were warned it was spam, so I hope this is the right section where to post it. 


Black Market Aftermath


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