The murder of prime minister Olof Palme might be on its way to be solved

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The biggest active murder investigation in the world.

Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was shot dead after visiting a movie theatre on February 28 1986. A heavily criticized investigation that has had a lot of of different leads and a lot of conspiracy theories tied to it. Famed swedish criminologist Leif GW Persson believes that the killer is someone connected to the police in some way (the "Police trace" being one of the many leads of the case). Olof Palme being hated at the time by many on the right, and many inside the Swedish police force.

A man (a lone assassin) was charged for the murder a few years after the murder, but later freed. 

Now 34 years later, the current prosecutor says that he believes the murder will be solved and the solution presented within six months.

Prosecutor Krister Petersson:
Chief Prosecutor Krister Petersson will either prosecute someone or drop the 34-year-old preliminary investigation into the Olof Palme murder.

 - It is a mixture of different things that has lead to this, says Krister Petersson. Among other things, we have a new theory of what happened at the crime scene.

Criminologist Leif GW Persson:

Olof Palme's killer is dead - and what lies behind the prosecutor's new comments may be that the murder weapon has been found. 

 This is the opinion of professor of criminology Leif GW Persson. "When you do something like this, you have to be really damn sure of having something concrete," he tells Aftonbladet.

"Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
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  • Let's see how close journalist Stieg Larsson came to the answer, hopefully, coming this summer

    "Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
  • British Tv from the day after the murder in -86

    "Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
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    So most people seem to be in agreement that - out of all the different theories and speculations throughout the years - the prosecutor has found more evidence against one of the following leads.

    SE ("The Skandia Man")
    - Graphic Designer at the insurance company Skandia at the time. Working the night of the murder, in their office located a few minutes from the location of the murder.
    - punched/Checked out of work just before the murder
    - It is proven he was at the crime scene after the murder. He claims he was a witness - and even helped the dying prime minister. No one else, helping him out, have seen SE though or worked with him on trying to save Olof Palmes life.
    - Has lied about details regarding what he did on the night of the murder (like claiming he was helping saving Palmes life, etc)
    - Wore clothes and a bag, similar to what witnesses has stated they saw the running gunman wear.
    - Had a known dislike of Olof Palme.
    - Was neighbour with a "gun collector" who could have owned a .357 Magnum


    KA ("The Double/The look-alike")
    - Lived very close to the crime scene
    - People claim that he very much resembles the man Olof Palmes widow identified as Palmes murdered, and who was also charged for it (and later freed).
    - Fits the "criminal profile" that was made, with help from the FBI, about the killer
    - Owned a .357 Magnum - which is the ONLY registered magnum in the Stockholm area that has not been investigated by police
    - Refused to hand over his magnum, and when confronted said that he had sold it (in not very plausible way)
    - Had a known hatred of Palme - is said to have shot his television once when Palme was on.
    - His story of what he did on the murder night, is disputed by friends and family
    - Is said to have visited a café opposite where Palme was shot on the day of the murder for several years (he was a regular at the café though, so could be a tall tale or just a coincidence someone picked up and ran with)
    - In 2008, when police visited his apartment because his brother was worried about him - he shot himself dead when the knocking persons identified themselves as being police

    Then ofc, we have all theories about right winged-police men killing him, hitmen from South Africa doing it, CIA doing it etc etc.

    But those to are, according to criminologist Leif GW Persson and other poople the most credible people the investigation know could have something more an conclusive on.

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    "Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
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