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Ten Club Radio - show info stuck?

homomontoyahomomontoya Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2
Am I the only one experiencing this problem? For a few days now it has shown the current playlist information as "Milwaukee, WI 7/8/95 - Blood" 
I have been obsessively listening to the ten club radio at work and every time I want to look up the show for the track playing I get frustrated!
I've logged out & logged back in. Still stuck on Milwaukee, WI 7/8/95 - Blood
Even shows this one the PJ Stat Tracker app.

Any tips? 


  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 10,080
    I just looked.  Mine is stuck on the same thing and I assure you that it is Off He Goes.  No idea what city.  
    2014: Cincinnati
    2016: Lexington and Wrigley 1
  • homomontoyahomomontoya Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2
    that is the frustrating part. Sometimes I am like 'this show rules' and want to download it but don't know which it is!
  • srobbisrobbi Posts: 3
    edited February 22
    I can't ever listen to the radio on my android cellphone. I can only listen to it on a very old ipod that I connected to the sound system at home. It has been days now 
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