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Jim (Gym) Jordan

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    In a scene that was almost too on the nose, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) left a U.S. House of Representatives hearing on sexual harassment at the highest levels of government on Thursday morning. The optics of that exit immediately called attention to Jordan’s own, ongoing scandal.

    The House Judiciary Committee hosted the hearing on sexual harassment and other forms of workplace discrimination within the federal court system which featured several former law clerks who said they were victimized by federal judges.

    According to Courthouse News reporter Megan Mineiro, Jordan was initially in attendance but quickly left once the woman began sharing their stories—suggesting the testimony perhaps hit a bit too close to home:
  • cincybearcatcincybearcat Posts: 14,509
    Jim Jordan is an awful person.
    hippiemom = goodness
  • dignindignin Posts: 8,754
    Jim Jordan is an awful person.
    Sure is. I don't know if you saw, the video was in both articles, but it deserves it's own comment.
  • cincybearcatcincybearcat Posts: 14,509
    Ugh, disgusting.
    hippiemom = goodness
  • darwinstheorydarwinstheory LaPorte, INPosts: 4,327
    Jim Jordan is an awful person.
    No he's not. Donnie T said he's a great great person. It's Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi that are horrible bad people.  =):rofl:
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    Jim Jordan is an awful person.
    No he's not. Donnie T said he's a great great person. It's Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi that are horrible bad people.  =):rofl:
    If the scumbag-in-chief gets re-elected jordan will be offered a cabinet position. Maybe health and human services or dept. of education. 
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  • BentleyspopBentleyspop Craft Beer Brewery, ColoradoPosts: 8,243
    Not surprising.....

    Six former wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about abusive OSU doctor

  • Halifax2TheMaxHalifax2TheMax Posts: 26,135
    Not surprising.....

    Six former wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about abusive OSU doctor

    Maybe he can get his colleague the fast talking exasperator to defend him?
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