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Dance of the Clairvoyants interpretation

The new Pearl Jam song is amazing. With a David Bowie and Talking Heads type sound, it shows how the band has evolved. I started listening to Pearl Jam when I was about 13 in 1993. I fell in love with Ten and remember buying the album VS on its release date. The band has so many different sounds being a fan of Pearl Jam is like being a fan of many bands packed into one. Anyways, after watching the Dance of the Clairvoyants video I came to the conclusion that the song is about the environment and global warming. I'm going to 4 concerts 1 in Phoenix 2 in Oakland and 1 in London. Please visit this website to put an end to mugshot extortion and Defamation of innocent and rehabilitated people.
Eric Pressman Science Teacher and Activist in Miami Florida

"Confusing it is to commotion What love is to our devotion Imperceptibly big As big as the ocean And equally hard to control
So save your predictions And burn your assumptions Love is friction Ripe for comfort Endless equations And tugging persuasions Doors open up To interpretation Expecting perfection Leaves a lot to ignore'
-Pearl Jam gigaton


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