PJ fan looking for help with Peace of Art Project - St. Louis & Phoenix

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Hello fellow Pearl Jam friends.  I am an artist and Iraq War vet from Dixon, Illinois.  I have created a project where I make large, lighted peace signs made out of trampoline frames.  I have built 19 so far in Illinois and Iowa and I'm hoping to find locations for one of my peace sign projects in St. Louis and Phoenix.  I will be in both towns for the upcoming shows.  If you live in those areas and have any ideas of where I could place one of these please let me know.  There will be no cost.  I have raised money for the supplies through donations.  My message is simply "peace", you can't help but see these things and I want everyone to be affected even if in a very simple way.  The best locations for these are places where they can be seen and must have electricity available.  Private residences are best because there are few rules for placement with private residences but I'm open to any ideas.  Please help if you can. 

Your friend, Mark

Peace and love
Flying so high
Peace and love
Too young to die
Peace and love

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    I can't offer assistance, but what a wonderful idea!  I wish you much luck in getting them out there.

    And thank you for your service :)
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    Bump for a beautiful project 
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    I was thinking, you may want to contact the City of West Hollywood.  The vibe here (put forth, anyway) tends to be one of unity, acceptance and peace, and there are all sorts of related art installations around the area.

    Worth a shot?

    Again, good luck!
  • Thank you!  I would love to build one in California.  I will look into this. Mark
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