First song with all members listed as songwriters?

I was looking at the Song Credits for DotC on Amazon Music, and it lists all 5 members as songwriters.

I checked a few off Lightning Bolt, and none of them come close. Usually 2 or 3 songwriters listed in credits.

I couldn't be bothered checking all the songs, so do any of you know if there are other PJ songs with 5 songwriting credits? 


  • JRDAY89JRDAY89 Oklahoma City Posts: 126
    Release is the only one that comes to mind, but that was obviously Krusen instead of Cameron. 
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  • The entire second album was credited to all five, I guess in the interest of solidarity (right before they fired Dave ; ) even though it's come out over the years who actually wrote which songs (EV was still writing all the lyrics, and wrote the music to Small Town and RVM, but I've read that, say, Jeff wrote WMA and Stone wrote Indifference and Dave wrote Go, etc, but I can't remember exactly who did what. If you spent a few hours Googling and searching, you could probably piece it together!
  • I think almost all of the songs on Vitalogy were credited to all five, which is weird since Ed clearly did Better Man, Bugs and a few others by himself, but there were a few (Jeff = Nothingman maybe?) where they didn't credit all five.
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