Ticketmaster Sucks

10 Club, Verified Fan, No tickets. Lame


  • I got burnt too. Was denied on first presale last week even though the seats I chose were shown as 99% probability on possible successful transaction. Then I didn't receive an email for verified fan sale that started today. Called the support line and the tech simply said, "' I'm  so so sorry, you were supposed to have received an email with your code to register but you can purchase tickets with the general public tomorrow." So that's it...Paying ten club member being reduced to attempting to purchase what's left up in the nose bleed seating tomorrow. How nice.
  • Same here went 0-3 with all three shows at 99 percent probability then received a code for two shows today after the sale had already begun , saying i had been moved up from the waiting list, seats behind the stage top deck all that was left 
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