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I never saw how to prioritize...I signed up for Denver show (because I live in Denver) and then hours later I added NY.  I'm curious what this blue 1 there a chance I cancelled my Denver request because I also submitted for NY? I got NY but haven't heard Yes or No on Denver.


  • Lost In OhioLost In Ohio Posts: 5,636
    Did you resubmit Denver when you submitted New York?
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  • TA243471TA243471 The Great NorthwestPosts: 823
    If you didn't submit them at the same time, then yes, you cancelled 1 of them.  They said they will disregard all but your last submission.
  • Did you resubmit Denver when you submitted New York?

    No, not that I remember...did not know I needed to do that.
  • AlaGAlaG Brookline, MAPosts: 630
    You couldn't 'add' shows. Only redo your entire order. Looks like you accidentally shafted your Denver ticket request.
  • Wow - brutal. Thanks for the help though.
  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 15,258
    RT228921 said:
    Wow - brutal. Thanks for the help though.
    I think many people did the exact same thing. You are not alone.

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  • mace1229mace1229 Posts: 6,237
    This is exactly what I think happened to most who keep saying they got rejected because they never heard back. They never heard back because they never were in the lotto if you “added” shows later.
  • To make matters worse I didn't sign up for the Verified Fan Presale so now I need to wait until Friday for GA...anyway to get onto the Thursday presale?
  • pulling69pulling69 KIADPosts: 960
    Reading was fundamental.
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  • HamsonHamson Posts: 35
    I did the same exact thing.  🤨
    I canceled my Baltimore request accidentally when I added MSG.  
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