Wishlist Party... Origins?

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The last time life let me really immerse myself in following Pearl Jam on tour was in 2000. I don't remember anything like Wishlist Parties in honor of charities back then. Can anyone point me to the origin story of this movement? What a great thing for PJ fans to do!
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    RiverrunnerRiverrunner Posts: 2,419
    Back in 2004 at the Vote for Change tour in St. Louis some people organized a gathering prior to the show at a local bar.  They asked that people attending bring canned goods for a local charity.  It was a great success and I believe everything grew from there.
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    2004 started with can food donations and grew from there.  Here is a summary of preparty fundraisers since 2006 - https://wishlistfoundation.org/pages/past-preparty-fundraisers

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