New Pearl Jam Album Gigaton Available March 27



  • fortyshadesfortyshades Posts: 1,833
    I was late with ordering due to personal reasons, but saw the unbelievable visuals on youtube. Wow. This band really took an artistic step forward. I love the chants at the end of 7 'O clock, Retrogade and River Cross. How the voice dissapears in the music and almost becomes a Native American prayer. (Which fits the feel of the album.) Was a bit confused with the starting lyrics of Who Ever Said; for I am writing a dissertation!!! (sob), where I try to explain social processes that leads to exclusion, tribalism and identity politics: an important topic at the moment. SWBM has the same feel and urgency to me (and conflicted lyrics) as Hail Hail. I am really diging this album. I even start to like Never Destination and the lyrics, perspective and vocal melody shift at the end. I am also an poet and I think these are the best lyrics Ed wrote in a long while. It is not preachy, it is aggressive but not in a decisive way. I can't put my finger on it. (And I can't wait until I have this f.... er in my greedy hands.)

    The reviews in the Netherlands are mweh and some are good; but you start to realize that these young reviewers do not understand what Pearl Jam (or the whole Grunge movement) stood for.  You also start to see copy and paste. Almost every reviewer here in the Netherlands compared 7 O'clock with Bruce Springsteen, while this song has to me a more open sound, like Pink Floyd on their later albums (Obsucred by Clouds for example) where the melodies are more delicate.

    One thing I was wondering, because see no one comment on it: how is the art work. (No pictures please!  Descriptions are enough.) But how does it fit with the feel of the album? Are it photo's from the visualizations? For me the artwork ties it all together. And it is more important than people think. It felt disjounted with Advocado. The pop art didnt seem to symbolize the album. But that is just me.

    I cannot wait to bast this from my speakers.

    Stay safe.

  • fortyshadesfortyshades Posts: 1,833
    Album arrived =)=)=)=). Like the nature artwork. It fits and there is more messages than we see at a first glimpse. I will return to that, when I have enough energy to write a prober review.

    The first thing I noticed is the art on the binding. This is not complete and situated on the edge? I wonder if this indicates a second album, where Gigaton was side A.

    We can all dream.
  • 1ThoughtKnown1ThoughtKnown Calgary ABPosts: 2,111
    My wax arrived this morning. I finally get to listen to this album TONIGHT.  I may never pre-order anything again. 
    “We’re keepin it loose, maybe not Grateful Dead loose... but like Rolling Stones loose”
  • fortyshadesfortyshades Posts: 1,833
    My wax arrived this morning. I finally get to listen to this album TONIGHT.  I may never pre-order anything again. 

    It didn't take so long from my side, since I was late in ordering it. Considering that all postal orders work slower with the corona crisis, I think TenC did a terrific job. I wish I had seen the visualizations on a big screen, with Dolby Surround. That would (and would still be) an amazing experience.
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    For those you missed out, the official UK Pearl Jam store are taking pre orders again on Gigaton. Available May 1st.

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