Gear Used for "The Long Road"

So I am currently attending an audio engineering school and a couple of my classmates think it would be a great idea to record a cover of "The Long Road" (For educational purposes only, it won't be getting released or anything) and I was wondering if any fellow members might know some of the gear that was used during the studio recording. Anything from mics, outboard gear, etc. would help out a lot. Thanks!


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    Eddie probably used his black schecter tele back then. I don't think he had his 60s tele that long ago. i could be wrong though. I have not listened to the studio version in years. The live version is more powerful so I listen to that instead.
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  • You might also be hearing the crunchy, MXR delay pedal guitar work of Neil Young in there. It's pretty distinct from Ed's guitar work on the song. Might look up what gear Neil was using in the 90s as a guide.
  • PS, I think that song, along with "I Got ID" were recorded during the Mirrorball sessions. Might look into Bad Animals Studio which I think is where all of that was recorded. If that studio is even still around...
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