2nd Amsterdam show

ChrysophylaxChrysophylax Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 97
So assuming this will happen - how did 10C handle fanclub tickets last time around?
Will I have to watch my emails every second on friday/saturday/sunday or will there be a few days in which to sign up for fanclub tickets, like there  is now?
Or will there not be a 10C sale for the 2nd show?

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'06: San Francisco I-II-III, The Gorge I-II
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'07: Copenhagen
'09: Berlin
'10: Berlin
'12: Amsterdam I-II
'14: Milan, Berlin
'16: EV at Heartland Festival
'18: Krakow, Berlin 
'20: Berlin, Copenhagen, Zürich, Amsterdam I-II


  • mrk2mrk2 FinlandPosts: 1,661
    Last time the 2nd Amsterdam show was announced much later (in order to give Pinkpop time to sell tickets). 10 club did have a presale then.

    However, previous times it has been so that the 2nd show has gone on sale at ticketmaster.nl without any prior warning. as soon as the first show sells out. Be ready and don't expect email from 10 club. Keep refreshing ticketmaster.nl.
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