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Hi All. I’m going to try this with pictures. Hope it’s not obnoxious but I’m sure there are some who will gladly let me know. Prices include packing, shipping and basic insurance. Add 3% for g&s PayPal. Open to offers and bundles. If you don’t like a price feel free to ask. Here goes:





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    good stuff in there
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    Someone's been looking for that Sydney CCFA poster.  I can't remember who though...
  • PM Sent. 
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    Pm sent
    I'm like an opening band for your mom.
  • PM sent
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    thanks to those that have reached out... i am working through the pms and will hopefully get back to everyone in the next day or two. trying to respond to everyone in order, please bear with me.  
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    i think i got back to everyone, if i missed someone please be sure to follow up.  thanks everyone
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    updated original post with whats been sold... and still available.
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    Bump for a great seller...thanks again! 
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    all orders have been shipped.  updated original post as well.  keep 'em coming, i'm sure these will make great gifts!
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    Bump for a great transaction!  Thank you! Buy with confidence, fast shipping and safe packaging.  Finally landed my first show poster that had got wrecked over the years!
    I'm like an opening band for your mom.
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    great, so happy that its ended up where itll be appreciated.  theres more up there.  I had at least 2 of you looking for kitchner.  i'm waiting on a response from one of you before i move on to the next one.  i'll give it another day or so.  other posters should be dropping today as well if you ordered one. thanks everyone.
  • So stoked! Just got my shipment - perfectly packed - posters look awesome! Great seller - buy with confidence! 
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    Great seller bump - pleasure to buy from.  Buy with confidence.
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    Great stuff! Good luck with your sale!
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    thanks for the positive feedback, glad there were no issues.  if anyone is thinking about any of these, i plan on a trip to the PO tomorrow. get those last minute stocking stuffers... tube socks?  
  • Sent a couple of messages ... 
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    hey all... i owe some responses, i'm terribly sorry.  keep an eye out tonight/tomorrow.  happy 10th! lets get that album/tour announced
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    bump... i think i responded to everyone. if i missed you, keep me honest.
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    Where is the pricing? Never mind I see it now
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