Acoustic Frankfurt festhalle

Anybody knows about the acoustic quality of The Festhalle in Frankfurt?


  • SomethingCreativeSomethingCreative Kazoo, MIPosts: 2,990
    I’ve heard it’s nothing special as far as acoustics... however I’ve seen PJ and their crew make a notoriously shitting sounding venue sound pretty damn good.  And since it’s the first show of the tour, I imagine it’ll be pretty dialed in despite not playing there before.
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  • bosmanbosman Posts: 7
    Ok thanks, we’ll see and hear . It is the only gig nearby I can see, that’s why. On the pictures the Festhalle look like a markethall instead of a concerthall
  • maxsiepmaxsiep Cologne - Germany Posts: 27
    I heard that the sound is shitty there but cross fingers for the sound crew of PJ and trust they will manage!
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