Obscene And Not Heard

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Over the past year or so, I wrote and recorded 10 tracks in my home studio.
The project is called Obscene And Not Heard.
Stylistically, it's pretty much all over the place from electric instrumental guitar stuff to melodic vocal stuff to acoustic finger picking stuff.
I pretty much played all the instruments from guitars and basses to horns and Indian tablas and did all the vocals.
If anyone would be so kind as to jump over to you tube and lend me their ears for a few minutes of their lives that I can never give you back,
I would greatly appreciate it.

For some electric instrumental guitar stuff try Les Paulverizer -
For some electric vocal stuff try This Myth Called Reality - or In Another World -
For some acoustic finger picking stuff try How I Won The War -
For some Eastern flavored instrumental with tabla percussion try Tabula Rasa -

While I am a huge fan of Pearl Jam, I would never be so audacious as to suggest that there is any great influence in evidence here.
The only connection I can suggest would be that several years ago, the band had a contest in their Deep Magazine in which they asked for
songs, stories and/or poems about friends and friendship. I submitted a song about my best friend who I lost at the age of 18 in a car accident
and it was selected as the winning entry. I won a Jeff Ament designed skateboard that hangs proudly on the wall of my home studio.
That would be the nearest thing to a Seven Degrees Of Kevin Bacon connection to Pearl Jam and my music.  :)

Thanks again to anyone who gives a listen and my apologies to anyone who does and wishes they hadn't.

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