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The diamond sat in its' egg-shell blue box, ethically sourced and mined,
And never saw light refract and bend with a compressed carbon shine.

The silent man twisted, reddening with scream, witness to the blossoming glow,
His own cut short and plucked away, to wither where darkness grows.

How dare she do something oh so right but left Love feeling wrong?
Alone to sigh and fret and pluck another abandoned heart love song.

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    Saw your post about Chadwick and thought I'd better come check out your poetry. Nice piece of word art to start my journey off. 
    I find replying to poetry with poetry is the best way.

    Stillness in the wire
    Cold steel hinges on the ties .
    And a mist in the darkness flies
    Until it vanishes in dark skies

    Stillness in the shadow
    Lit by the tower of iron and pipe
    I've seen a darkness strike
    With no color; how can one like?

    Stillness be your heart
    No shadows on the knife
    Save the daughter's wife
    It's darkness breaking life.

    Dark shit I know... but my mind is kinda down in that dark despair of a pit after learning of Neil Peart and Chadwick on the same day. The light still shines within, however. 

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